Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Freelancing Job works and How to work?

The work which is for temporary time period and able to work individually from anywhere it's called freelancing works. Easy and simple. Because You can work during day or night from your home at your convent time. It's not like 8 hours job with fixed salary. Here payout is based on your work quantity, performance & quality.

2. How much I can earn by these Job works?

Its depend on your working time. Earning depends on your work quality & performance.

3. Is the Membership fees? Refundable or Transferable?

Yes. Paid joining fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable to any other person or any work.

4. What are the minimum work I should have to do per month to get paid?

Fixed target has been set for each work. Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly & Monthly submission option are available.

5. How do I pay the Membership fees?

Through Cash Deposit in Bank, Cheque or Demand Drafts.
Through Online Fund Transfer.

6. How long my membership is valid for?

Your membership is valid for 6 Months only for every work. After the expiry you can renew the membership if you would like to continue further.

7. Is there any working hours?

No, you can work any of your convenient time & place

8. What are the basic requirements to get started for any work?

To get started you should have good knowledge of Internet Surfing and you should have a PC with Internet Connection. This Job is available world wide & one can work from any place, any time.

9. From where will I get the Workload?

After completing joining procedure, you will get an work email within 24-48 hours with required material to your email ID.

10. Is there any Age limit to take part in this Program?

Yes, Minimum Age required to take part is 18Yrs.

11. Is there any Membership fees?
Yes. We don't have any work without Joining fees.

12. Is there any min. & max. limit per day and per month?

Yes. Min. & max. fixed limit are set as per normal persons capacity to work per day easily.

13. When will I get my Payment? How?

After submit work as per selected submission plan, you will be provided QC report within 5-7 days. After that we will pay the earning amount within 2-3 days by Cheque / cash deposit in bank a/c, fund transfer.

14. How you will count working days?

Working days start from the next day of work delivery. Don't need to wait month's 1st date.

15. Are the company giving work report while payment sent?


16. How can I know submitted work is correct or incorrect?

In QC report after work submission, we will show your mistake by highlighting if mistakes are available in your work.

17. Can I pay the registration fee after I join or can the fee be deducted from my earnings?

18. if I have any doubt during working days, what should I do?

If you have any doubt during working days, we provide mail support for proper solution.

19. How we can trust? Can you provide reference numbers to talk existing members to get work idea?

We ( Patel Infosoft ) are working in same field from last 5.4 years ( since 2009 ) with same contact details & at same place. It's enough to trust on anyone. And still if you have any doubt then you can visit personally and clear your doubts by checking companies registration documents from 2009.

20. How to get started?

First of all read complete details regarding available works. Clear your doubts before to joining.

Choose works & submission plan to whom you are convenient & eligible. Complete joining procedure as per given three easy steps. Click here.

Pay the Membership Fees as per work to our any Bank Account. Submit bank receipt of your payment with your details to our E-mail Address.

For further information kindly contact us.